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Trans Critical Feminism

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trendercore is a subreddit for people who are queer and proud! This is where you'll be able to post selfies, pride edits and flags and support for other LGBTQ+ people safely and without harassment! Trendercore Pride Flag was made by nyanbinary-ferris.tumblr.com

fighting the oppression since 2028

Parody subreddit for trans people, mocking all transgender-related topics. If you take this seriously, then don't. Please read the stickied posts and subreddit rules before participating.

Why do trenders act surprised when people “misgender” them?

They don’t know jack shit about what being actually misgendered feels like they don’t know what it’s like to get called he when your a she or vice versa they will never understand why do they act like they do like no bitch just because someone didn’t call you “ze” doesn’t mean you understand my struggles and especially when they present like a cis woman or cis man on purpose and get mad when people use the wrong pronouns it makes me so mad to see people act like they understand my struggles when they don’t I have to present as a boy for my own safety if I could book an appointment to a gender clinic/endocrinologist I would but a lot of them are privileged a lot of real trans people would love to be in their shoes yet all they do is complain about how hard it is when they have never had dysphoria at all it makes me sick how people defend these ableist pricks.
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oh you’re a ‘trans’ ‘woman’? how many hours of sissy hypno did you listen to when you were a teenager you fucking trender?

/uj pain.
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Those trenders are ruining our reputation!

"transsexual" is a very prestigeous label, reserved for only the most respectable individuals. People used to glare at me in awe when i told them i was trans. It used to mean something! Now that every teenage girl with blue hair can just call themselves trans, that status is forever ruined. The audacity! It's not like we are a bunch of freaks living on the outskirts of society. We've got a reputation to protect, goddamnit!
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move over trenders i’m a REAL MAN

my female friends have started complimenting me for doing the bare minimum to not be creepy.
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Trenders who use “but Native American tribes have more than two genders!1!1!!

Two-spirit does NOT = your weird ass mogai shit. You are using cultural appropriation to your advantage and I’m not having any of it.
I may be white but for fuck’s sake, at least I do my research. Being two-spirit is not the same thing as being non-binary. It’s very much rooted in culture and spirituality - meaning only Native American people or people with Native American roots should be able to use the identity.
But oh man, do I love it when I see white people call themselves two-spirited /s. That’s a different issue entirely.
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Are You A Trender? (Click to FIND OUT)

(Depending on the category) if one of these applies to you, you are a transTRENDER.
If any of these feel like a personal attack, you are a TRENDER! NO ifs ands or buts.
No bullshit. Here is the list:





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I guarantee that 95% of trenders (non-dysphoric "trans" people) come from upper-middle-class left-leaning homes.

I've been thinking about this lately. Where I live it isn't "cool" to be trans. It's dangerous/unpleasant. People I've known all my life are going to treat me like a social pariah once I come out. if I don't pass asap I face verbal and physical harassment. A friend of mine had to go to FIVE government offices to get something simple changed because of his name change and ended up getting yelled at.
This isn't a life anyone should want, except the entitled children of the bourgeois who will face no real consequences for their actions besides feeling like an idiot once they grow up and possibly becoming transphobic pieces of shit themselves.
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I’m a Cis-Trender

All the cool kids at my school are cis, so I felt left out. so I decided to pretend to be cis for attention. Now I get called by the right pronouns when they bully me.
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NB Erasure/Anti-Trender Rant

cw // depression, hopelessness
I hate transtrenders soooo much. They're one of the types of people that make me extremely angry as a NB person.
I'm so sick of them taking Non-Binary as an aesthetic that they think they can just slap on random weird labels, sexualities, xenogenders, and pronouns. It's like they just create these weird identities out of desperation because they want to be LGBT so bad because they can't fit anywhere in society. BEING QUIRKY DOESN'T MAKE YOU NON-BINARY NOR LGBT!!!
The way they identify makes me so angry and upset because they make real dysphoric NB people like me look like a joke with their "NyanBinary Catgender Aromantic/Voidromantic Pedosexual Bi/Pan He/Him Lesbian and mentally 5 UwU" trash. IT'S TRASH AND A CESSPOOL OF CLOWNASSERY!!!
It makes me feel so invalid like I want to cry. I feel like I will never be accepted in society as a normal person because of Radical Anti-Science Inclusionists who think that gender is a social construct and that they can identify as whatever they want because "sCiENcE cAn sUCK mY AsS haHA!!!". It's one of the things that triggers my depression because I do seek validation from society and they're ruining it for me.
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In honour of me being called a trender despite being on T happily for 7 years

In honour of me being called a trender despite being on T happily for 7 years submitted by princelleuad to traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns [link] [comments]

My friend was called a tucute trender for being gay and trans?

One of my friends recently came to terms with his identity and he is trans FTM and gay. He is pretty conservative with his beliefs since his family is extremely lgbt-phobic and was bullied severely for it. He is transmed himself but a few people said he was like one of those microlabel tumblr tucutes for being trans and gay and I’m not sure what to think?? Like it’s one thing being catgender demiplatonic voidromantic but I mean come on is that even a fair comparison? What do y’all think?
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As a poor person who identifies as rich (take that trannies), I'm tired of all these trenders

A lot of transwealthy people these days don’t put in the work to actually pass as rich. If they really had class dysphoria they should be voice training to sound like Prince Charles and shoplifting from Saks Fifth Avenue like the rest of us
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Shut up trender

If you really were trans I'd accept you but you are not a Tranny (TM) because you need to take hormones. True trannies produce their hrt by the power of thought. But you havent produced your hormones because you know that you are just seeking attention. Accept your feminine female booby pussy hips cute childbearing body already and stop trying to join the subculture of these perverts focused on genitlias
/uj I still can't believe that my mom really said this...
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Sorry hon, if you chose to have somewhere to sleep instead of transitioning around bigoted parents, you're a trender :/

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very very real very tragic true story (/s) about how an evil transmed and made a cis woman lock her trans son up for being a trender even though hes dysphoric💔

very very real very tragic true story (/s) about how an evil transmed and made a cis woman lock her trans son up for being a trender even though hes dysphoric💔 submitted by anonymous12385949393 to truscum [link] [comments]

Pfft, trender

You aren't really trans unless you constantly judge other "trans" people around you for not acting exactly like you do. So by all means, judge other trans men for tying things around their waist because you could never do that you ugly widehipped dickless freak.
/uj I still can't tell if I genuinely had a judgy thought because it was more "wouldn't it.be fucked up if I judged him for this." Does it count as judging if it was hypothetical? Either way it was such a useless thing too.
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Trenders really do be like that huh

Trenders really do be like that huh submitted by Knives4Bullets to TumblrInAction [link] [comments]

do you think it's okay to misgender people if you think they are a trender? [poll]

i've seen this a few times on this sub already and i feel like it's a shitty thing to do, even if you believe the person isn't actually trans. in the end you can only make assumptions, it's impossible to be 100% certain about someone else having dysphoria and/or how severe it is.
everyone makes mistakes at some point, so there a good chance you'll meet someone that's a stranger and assume they are a trender when they actually aren't.
View Poll
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Just like bi people got to be upgraded from "Just pretending theyre not gay" to "Half gay, half straight," I'd like to nominate trenders to just be upgraded from "faking it" to "Half cis, Half trans"

Suck it, truscum.
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ActingNT/ the trender “system” uh how racist can you get?

ActingNT/ the trender “system” uh how racist can you get? submitted by genderbabe to DIDCringe [link] [comments]

if she doesnt have a thousand year stare like she saw her lieutenant get blown to pieces by a land mine in Vietnam shes a trender

/uj i love looking like this constantly, it combos great with the bags under my eyes as well
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First time i see a Nice looking (i think it is) narrow gauge engine and also The first beatufial one with out a trender lol anyways what train class is this?

First time i see a Nice looking (i think it is) narrow gauge engine and also The first beatufial one with out a trender lol anyways what train class is this? submitted by chuzzlefan to TrainPorn [link] [comments]

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